CC’s Furniture scores early for local high school football

Brad Carroll — General Manager of CC’s Furniture — announced that his store will be giving away 15 percent of its profits from this weekend’s store wide sale, donating 5 percent to each of the three local high school football programs in our community, Somerset, Pulaski County, and Southwestern High Schools.
Photo by David Rogers


The high school football season kicks off in approximately two months, however thanks to the generosity of Brad Carroll and CC’s Furniture located in Somerset, all three local high school football programs have already hit paydirt.

Carroll announced that CC’s Furniture will be donating 15 percent of every penny of profit from this weekend’s store wide sale that runs through Sunday to each of the three football programs, dividing it up among the three, giving each school a total of 5 percent of the profits from the sale.

“I love kids first of all, and I just thought this would be a good way to give back to the kids in our community,” stated Carroll, general manager of the CC’s Furniture store location in Somerset.

“In the days that we’re living in, these kids are having to work for donations just to be able to travel, and they just need extra money — for uniforms, cost of meals, and things like that,” Carroll added. “We just thought this would be a good way to give back to our kids, and we wanted to do it for all three schools.”

CC’s Furniture is located at 1340 S. Hwy. 27 at the corner of Oak Hill Road, and the sale will be going on from Friday, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th.

And, Carroll says the best thing is this: everything inside the store is part of this sale and fundraising effort for our local high school football teams.

“Everything in the store is on sale, so it’s a store wide sale,” pointed out Carroll.

“We have up to 60 months with no interest, and we also have coupons for people to use,” he added. “People that want to make a purchase and pay with cash, or a check, or a credit card, they can still get money off of their item with the coupons we have, depending on how much they spend and what they buy.”

The high school football season is slated to kick off in eight weeks from tonight, with the annual Don Franklin Bowl for the two county schools on August 23rd, while Somerset will open, hopefully at home on a new synthetic turf field.

Pulaski County will square off against Lexington Catholic and UK commit, quarterback Beau Allen, at Southwestern in the first game of the Don Franklin Bowl, while the Jason Foley era will kick off for the Warriors in the nightcap, when Southwestern squares off against a powerhouse from the mountains in Belfry.

Meanwhile, Somerset will open at home that same night on a new turf field against Rockcastle County.

So, another great season of high school football is almost upon us, and thanks to Brad Carroll and CC’s Furniture and their willingness to give back to the community with this great sale this weekend, the store in Somerset has already scored the first touchdown of the season.

Great job Mr. Carroll.

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