Calm down BBN…let’s all take a deep breath, please


Today is December 13th, so there are now officially 12 days before we celebrate another Christmas.

So with the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ in mind, I do not want a partridge or a pear tree, and I would not care for two turtle doves or five golden rings.

Instead, I would like for my fellow brethren in the Big Blue Nation to please take a brief minute, calm down, take a deep breath; in short, take a chill pill.

Now I will be the first to admit the college basketball season and Kentucky’s play so far haven’t been what I expected to say the least.

After watching the Wildcats play in the Bahamas this summer, myself along with most of the BBN thought this team was going to be invincible.

I mean, the so-called experts were comparing the Cats to the Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and Tyler Ulis 38-0 team that went to the Final Four, only to lose in disappointing fashion to Wisconsin.

Then, a dose of big-time reality sunk in after the season-opening debacle to the team I hate the most — Duke.

That 118-84 butt whipping Duke put on our beloved Wildcats was flat out sickening. What in the name of Christian Laettner is going on?

Kentucky looked lost at times in that game, and I have a question; did anybody from UK play any defense at all in that contest? I’m asking for a friend. Answer: no they did not.

After that game, we have struggled at times against mid-major competition, and then there was that one-point loss to an average Seton Hall team last weekend at Madison Square Garden in overtime.

You know, a Seton Hall team that came into that contest already with three losses under its belt to Nebraska, Saint Louis, and Louisville.

So, is the season — this season — a lost cause? Absolutely not.

I may be dead wrong, but I firmly believe this team will be just fine come March, when it counts for real.

We have problems right now for certain. Tyler Herro is struggling from the outside with his shot, and our defense, especially defending the three-point line, has been absolutely abysmal at times.

Having said that,  I can’t believe some UK fans are calling for Cal’s head. I mean, look at what this guy has done at Kentucky in a decade, and some people want him gone. Have you lost your minds out there?

Sure, I think we should have won more than one national title since John Calipari took over at Kentucky, and I’m not a big fan of the whole one and done deal either.

But, I would rather be in the running for a national championship each year, and at least be in the conversation, than have a team with mediocre talent that is going to be on campus for four years, and never have a shot at getting to a Final Four.

So BBN, please calm down. I truly believe this team will be in the hunt in March when all is said and done.

Now, there may be a few more bumps along the road before we get to the tournament, but rest assured teams like Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, etc. are not going to be pumping their fists when they know they are getting ready to walk out on the court to face the Wildcats.

Kentucky is going to get better — make that much better — before the season comes to an end.

Simply, March is a ways away, and we’re going to be just fine BBN. Just wait and see. So for now, please relax and enjoy the journey.

And one more thing…..Merry Christmas everybody.

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