Welcome to The Doug Out


Welcome to The Doug Out Sports Blog.

This is a website designed to give my readers stories of local sports, as well as my insights of the Pulaski County and Somerset sports scene.

I will be covering local sports as I have done for the past three-plus decades for various publications in our community. I will have game stories, as well as features on both coaches and athletes alike.

I hope you enjoy reading upcoming stories as this site gets ready to launch at the beginning of 2019. And best of all, it’s free to my readers. 

14 thoughts on “Welcome to The Doug Out

  1. Sounds like a great blog for a great “3-times decorates” sports writer! Looking forward to checking in regularly to “The Doug Out.”
    -John Hines
    PC Maroons

  2. A great idea from a great (3-times decorated) sports writer! We will all be checking in regularly to see what’s new in PC Football, on “The Doug Out.”
    -John Hines (PC Maroons)

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